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History of Pens

         In addition to the letter or letters that people have thought up the invention and "tools" or "equipment" used for the stroke is no less interesting. Because we will write more books with "pen" or "pencil" as in today People need time to develop the tools used to write for several thousand years.

          In days gone by people may dip your finger on the ground soil and stone powder mixed with gum Or glue from animal skins. Scribbled on the walls of the cave or shed may cliff rock qualified soil. By bringing the rain or make it easier to stick to write, such as lead pencil, slate stone was used. For writing on the slate. Made from powdered chalk or calcium sulfate from gypsum or gypsum mixed with water and then stick to make it easy to use. Like today.

"The evolution of writing"
          The writing on the cave wall. Led to writing on a piece of wood or sheet metal. Throughout the writing on the leaves. (Written or Chan ancient scripture on palm leaves) until the invention of paper in use. Until today. Man has developed tools and processes to write continuously.
         Copt is a national first brush writing on paper made from tree Papiraus (papyrus) is the default method of writing with the release of ink or color on the pad writing as well as writing with brushes of China and Japan. The basic idea can be developed to the invention pen

          Ancient Greeks, the invention of papyrus filling pen hollow By wiping the mouth several lines written for the various size But do not use ink pens to write on the surface of the wax coating causing Roy to the text on the surface wax

"Pen popular in England."
        Application materials to smooth writing is secondary cause of development. "Stationary" between the right image corresponds to the function. People started to goose feathers or hair to make "pen" called the "quill pen" to write the definition and write consecutive time in the fifth century, the "quill pen" is widely popular in England. It is an important tool used to write western While Eastern is used brushes, but not both "quill" and "brush" no ink on yourself. Dipping ink to write each time the writing was not easy. Decades later, about 15 people start to invent "pen" with a metal mouth incision in the middle and mouth The writing time without dipping ink every time you write.

         In the UK have to do this type of pen used widely in the production of "Pen" at the end of the mouth is made of different materials such as steel shell horn and gold production has become increasingly into a factory. Compete in terms of aesthetics. With fabricated box and enter the pen with ink together. Although it was widely popular. But no one can be fabricated with ink pen on its own.

"Father of the invention fountain pen."
          Year 1884 Lewis Edson Waterman has produced a pen in the ink, called "fountain pen" (Fountain pen) New York, USA is considered the father of invention Waterman fountain pen The invention to develop this type of pen is better. Easy to use and beautifully shaped. The industrial production in America, Europe, Japan and other countries. Carry on until today. A famous inventor pen is well known, such as George Parker, Walter A. Sheaffer, etc. and the possession of tools for writing Chao has always been for decades.

        In 1900 "fountain pen" has found a new competitor that is. "Pen" Pen with Roller (Ball) is a small round tip mouth Time to write this little round ball will rotate (roll) out the ink on the paper. This type of pen was made about 100 years ago by the American name John H. Cloud is made up to write on a cursory It is not paper.

          End of 1930, journalists and artists Hang learn a check to Brian Robert Pen a new invention. While magazine editors served as one Based in Budapest. Hungary. Robert Bayer is the idea of ink drying. (Quick-drying ink) the printer used in printing the books. Then thought about how this type of ink contained in the pen The ink will not flow and Divorce [term adverse] chest until stained paper Finally fabricated using ink pens dry up successfully, which is "Pen" (Ball-point pen) to write without using ink droplets and flow like a fountain pen fouling old.

"Path of the Pen".
        Year 1938, Bright Road was registered copyright. But there was a World War 2 he was the first Nazi to escape the street in France, Spain and so on. As eventually to live in Argentina

        From Year 1940 held in a Lotus No Bike Road Race I received help from his brother, a chemist, but released due to production losses Pen property. They sell these rights to the invention of the British and U.S. military. America the price a few dollars. After copyright has been sold to a company with BIC (France) to produce BIC Pen Brand released worldwide in three years between 1950-1980 has sold over 10 million pcs/day

         At the same rights of ownership to no actual experience with. In life. What is remaining is the pride of invention around the world know and use. As long as the benefits today.

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